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Why Correct Artwork Is Important For Printing

The biggest problem i face as a printer, are the sheer number of artwork uploads that are incorrect. From art sent in the wrong format to wrong resolutions or incorrect sizes. So before ordering leaflets, business cards or posters, please read my guide to sending the correct printing artwork.

Resolution – The correct resolution needed is 300dpi or even higher. Many packages (especially Word) save out their clipart in 72dpi which is way too low for printing onto flyers and cards. Although it may look fine on your PC, 72dpi will look fuzzy when printed.

File Format – Please send your artwork to us in the correct format. The order of preference is PDF, JPG, PSD, TIFF. Try to avoid word and also do not include any crop marks/guide lines when flattening your image.

Bleed area – When designing your artwork, try to keep all important information (text and numbers) inside the bleed and safe area. Litho printing involves printing leaflets or cards on a big sheet which is then chopped into the relevant size. This means anything close to the edge can get cropped off.

Size – We have a great selection of printing templates that give the correct sizes needed for any leaflet, business card etc. Please make use of them to avoid any delays

Colours – Colours need to be set to CMYK format. Many files are sent in RGB format, which when printed in CMYK can alter the colours from what you see on the screen

Fonts – If you are using a fancy font then embed it before saving. Otherwise when we open the file, it may use standard fonts instead wiping out your desired effect.

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So there you have it. Perfect artwork and quick printing and delivery to your door. We always try to correct artwork that is sent incorrectly, but live in hope that more customers will help us out.

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