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Tips For Effective Leaflet Marketing

You could have the best company or business in the country, sell all of the best products and services at the most affordable prices, but that still may not be enough for your business to succeed and generate a large net profit. You still need to know one of the most effective methods of marketing – promote your business. The obvious road to profit and business success is being able to sell your products and services.

So what factors are involved in makinging a successful sale? Simple answer – a good marketing strategy. By this we mean producing good quality leaflets, brochures, business cards and colour flyer printing. But most often, businesses seem to take a ‘use when needed’ approach to the production and distribution of such methods. It is vital to remember and maintain that good marketing is a key factor in any business, and should be carried out as often as is possible. Therfore, leaflet distribution needs to be done regulalry and not only when it is of the upmost importantce.

If you decide on using flyers as your marketing plan, then you should ideally look towards distribute it on a regular basis. Flyers will not only boost sales in the short-term, but will help people to remember the business or organisation all year round. The following tips are based on using flyers as part of a successful marketing campaign:

– Determine how the flyers will be used. (Is it to promote the business, announce a promotion or offer, or are you advertising your new products or services?)

– Use appropriate images and texts (What is the flyer advertising? Are the images suitable and attention-catching?)

– Encourage people to make an action (What should the customer do next?)

– Keep in mind that you are selling to the customer, and not the money that you will be made from the sale (What will the customer want from the sale?)

– Sketch the flyer beforehand to see if it is suitable for its purpose (Why should people spend money on your products or services? How do customers benefit from the business? How can they contact you?)

– Review the flyer design and proof-read for errors (Would a customer be interested in this flyer?)

– Find a printer that meets your flyer printing needs and budget (If don’t have a lot of graphics and uses only monochromatic color in your flyer, you can use risograph printing as it is economical to use)

– Distribute your flyers in places where your target market are (Where is the ‘best place’ to advertise?)

– And most importantly, be consistent in the distributution of flyers, for effective business to come through on an equally consistant basis.

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