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Make Your Printing More Constructive With Folded Leaflet Printing

So, you have a collection of documents ready to print, but you do not want to hand out flyers, instead wanting something more constructive, like a leaflet or mini-brochure. What can you do about it? The answer is folded leaflets and business cards.

Printed documents can be folded in a variety of methods, the most common of which can be seen in the illustrations below. Regardless of the type of fold, paper of certain size (usually 200gsm and above) needs to be creased to prevent it from ‘cracking’ (tearing). This involves ‘scoring’ (creating a scratch or ‘groove’ on the fold point (often with one side of a pair of scissors)) of the paper before it is then folded.

The most common types of folding for an A4 sheet of paper are:


Single – a single fold down the middle

Letter – fold one side in after the other (all sides are equal size)

Z – fold one side inwards, and one outwards

Double Parallel – fold (‘Z’-style) equal sides a set number of times to create a set number of ‘pages’

Cross Fold – fold any number of times in two different directions

Fold-Out – a ‘Z’ fold with smaller fold size

Gate Fold – fold both sides inwards at half the normal size (the two folded sides put together will equal the size of the unfolded side)

So if your looking for something different, then look at folding

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