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Finding Cost-Effective Flyers For Your Business

Most businesses, both small-scale companies and big-time corporations, will set aside a budget for marketing and advertising purposes, commonly seen as the best way of encouraging and inviting more customers to try your products or services. Marketing and advertising make use of a variety of methods to entice potential customers. They can be in the form of printed adverts or commercials in television, radios and newspapers. However, those organisations that have smaller incomes will delve into making use of flyers and leaflets, distributing them directly to their target market.

A flyer is a leaflet that comes in a single page that advertises an organisation’s services, products, events, or other areas of their organisation. These methods are often applied by individuals or businesses in the promotion of their products or services, often by those who want to advertise but do not have the finances and/or resources to do so on a higher scale, such as the internet, or classified ads in newspapers, magazines and periodicals.

In the 1980’s & 90’s, marketing approach became more straightforward and as a result of this, flyers also underwent an evolution. Today, flyers can be found in a variety of formats, such as: A4 flyers (letter head-size), A5 (1/2 a letter head), DL (compslip-size), A6 (postcard-size) and CC (credit card-size).

Unlike general advertisements or commercials, flyers are seen as a very cost-effective in terms of production, and efficient in terms of marketing. Due to innovations in technology and design, the use of flyers has naturally intensified and became more popular. Flyers are usually produced through the use of conventional printing services due to the professional nature of the production, further supported through the use of the Internet, allowing for greater interaction between supplier and client for the most effective flyer possible.

Aside from having your business flyers printed through a professional printing press, it is also possible to print them yourself, provided that you own a simple inkjet printer at home, although for a professional finish and look use a printer who will have litho printing capabilities. Here are a few ways of reducing your flyer printing costs:

Methods towards reducing flyer printing costs:

– It is possible to print more than one copy of your flyer per sheet

– Use computer applications and features such as ‘print preview’ to ensure that your print is correct

– Use a refillable cartridge for your printer, rather than a new one each time

– Finally, search around better prices and the most appropriate deal

You cannot beat leaflet printing when it comes to the bang for your buck return. Get it right and you can make back the cost hundreds of times over.

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