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Can I Scan Images And Photos For Printing

I quite often get asked the question – Can I Scan Print Images And Photograhs For My Print Artwork?

Quite often a customer will have an existing leaflet, flyer or business card but no artwork. It may have been mislaid or lost. Or some people want to scan photographs to use as artwork. In all cases the answer to the question is yes.

When scanning your photograph, leaflet or anything else for that matter, you must ensure that you are scanning at an absolute minimum of 300 dpi (dots per inch).

You have to be careful that your scanner is free of dust or other particulate as they will show up on the final print. Also be sure to keep all images for scanning straight. Many a time i have received a slightly wonky image which if not corrected will be printed wonky!

When preparing your artwork with images and photographs, please ensure that they are all embedded within your final artwork document rather than supplied as layers.

Of course, on the flip side, any scanned image is very difficult to change. As an example, i have been sent scanned images and asked if i can change the phone number or add some information to the leaflet etc. This is sometimes easy to achieve, but quite often very difficult to do without leaving a trace (when there is a complicated background pattern for example). So scan away for your artwork.

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